Mediamplify Mediaplug

Cloud To Cable : Mediaplug

The “Media Plug” bridges the Mediamplify cloud-based platform  content and a  service provider MSO (Cable TV Systems or Telecommunication’s Operator).

 interfaces the Mediamplify Platform to the cable operator’s headed. This device merges cloud with the cable headend and eliminating the need for satellite communications. This device acts as a CDN delivery system dedicated for cable and telecommunications operators.

In summary, there is no longer a need for an uplink to a satellite system and signing an expensive satellite agreement. Your cost savings may include licensing fees (RF) and hiring engineering staff specialized in RF and Satellite communications.

The MEDIAMPLIFY MEDIA PLUG allows content providers to upload their content to our Mediamplify and synchronize Video and Audio with an IPTV System at a Cable or Telecommunication Operator


DMX MEDIA used first our system to deliver audio only as well as video+audio content in HD and SD format. As examples, here two user interfaces created and delivered with 50 music channels with high-fidelity audio stream.










  • Music Appliance

    Secure channel upgrading and communications, Synchronization with Mediamplify Cloud,  Highly customizable, Hot Fail-over and backup multicasting stream, Software upgradeable via instance or cloud

  • Hardware

    Media Plug with fail-over and 1+1 support., Upgradable up to 100TB of video/audio storage,, RAID Configuration,  Firewall protected networks, On-Demand Support,  IGMPv2 IGMPv3, audio/video format or Media Plug Lite without fail-over. Upgradable up to 10TB of video/audio storage, RAID configuration, software firewall, IGMPv2 and IGMPv3.

  • Web/HTML5 UI

    User Interface and Video Playback created using HTML5/Javascript

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