Wireless Simulation : MobileCDSTM

Wireless Simulation Software, MobileCDSTM stands for Mobile Computer Deterministic Simulation and is a state of the art environment that recreates radio frequency conditions used in cellular networks (3G/4G) in a very accurate and deterministic way. The tool enables the simulation of realistic, Google Maps/KML Maps configurations of buildings and realistic terrains that can include antennas of different formats with different RF propagation models. End users can test and simulate all kinds of simulations, buildings with different characteristics, reflections, and any other simulation environment appropriate for modern IEEE 802.11 WiFi networks to advanced 4G LTE deployments.

Augmented Reality for Wireless Simulation and Emulation

Is Augmented Reality for Wireless Design possible? Do you envision a day where mobile developers can load a map from Google Maps, covering the City of New York for example, and place all cell phone towers along I-95/Manhattan and simulate a car moving at different speeds, validate several antenna configurations and test it all in a real Android or IOS device while running Youtube, Facebook, or VoLTE. Additionally,  can you verify if all will work well as more  changes are made to the wireless deployment?  adding more WiFi, 5G, Unlicensed LTE? All this simulation/emulation tested without ever moving from your lab or office?

"This is now possible with our solution"

MobileCDS is a software tool that simulates and uses “RF Tray Tracing” to create deterministic environment for cellular and RF antenna configurations for 3G/4G and even 5G systems. Once the deployment is drawn on top of a map loaded from Google Maps, the tool can playback the simulation and create an emulation system with MobileCAD. The emulated system can be tested in the real phone, under RF realistic conditions that mimic real world deployments.

Mobile Application developers, Mobile Phone manufactures, and Operators can design their RF, place the antennas / towers whenever they are supposed to be increase/decrease height and power and test new buildings, and scenarios and play those into a Mobile Terminal with a patented technology covered under.


MobileCAD Integration for Wireless Emulation

Mobility-Workx-LogoOnce the simulation environment is recreated, it is later on emulated with MobileCAD, our patent pending tool for emulation. In other words, once RF signaling is known and determined in different paths (RF Path delay, attenuation, and hence facing, as well as BER) then is loaded into MobileCAD effectively recreating a realistic environment where multiple Base Stations can cover a particular realistic map.

MobileCAD can be combined with Drive Test data as well as MobileCDS RF data and converted into emulated RF signaling with proper protocol configuration and network emulated for any EPC or other devices.

The US Patent 7,231,330 can be licensed from Mobility Works, LLC

Wireless Simulation with MobileCDS

  1. Deterministic tool source code. Fully computer parallelized code has been compiled on Microsoft Visual Studio 10 and 12.
  2. 3D database conversion and manipulation (see figure 1)
  3. Generation/analysis of standard and user defined wireless protocols
  4. Material electrical properties definition. Able to assigned electrical properties to objects such as; walls, roofs, trees, streets, etc.
  5. Simulation characteristics.
  6. And more feature!
    1. User defined ray or wave-front density.
    2. User defined ray termination procedure.
    3. Simultaneous reflection/transmission through walls.
    4. Outdoor reflections only propagation.
    5. User defined computational modes; LOS (line of site), reflections, transmissions and diffractions (over the roof and single side diffraction) .

Wireless Emulation with MobileCAD

Once the RF environment has been created and validated with MobileCDS, an export file is created, file that can be loaded into MobileCAD for RF Playback into a modern 2G-3G-4GLTE environment with WiFi or any other handover point to test and validate the firmware in any smartphone or mobile terminal.

  1. Testing of RF Attenuation and Path Loss generated by the tool at any environment with any speed
  2. Testing of BER calculated by the tool or simulated in MobileCDS
  3. Testing of different values of RMS Delay and simulate different antenna coverage for the Mobile Terminal
  4. Repeatable and stable mobile emulation environment

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