Music Streaming Platform with Mediamplify

Mobile, Web, Chromecast, and Cable TV systems, all in one platform

Our music streaming platform enables a full music experience for any streaming service in the cloud and broadcast music to mobile, web, chromecasts,  and Cable TV set top boxes, all at the same time. The platform enables ad injection, mobile app integration, and broadcasting of music content with a rich metadata experience.

Cloud to Cable Music Platform
Cloud to Cable Video Platform

Mediaplfy Amplify yoru Reach (R)

Support for Music Streaming Clouds

Mediamplify provides seamless integration with existing music clouds services.  Music content is available online and most of the music offerings are cloud-based which makes it easy for Mediamplify to amplify. Medimaplify already supports some of the popular music clouds include: Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and our own Mediamplify Music.


This patent-pending technology is available for licensing, or as Software as a Service, or Platform as a Service. We are open to partnerships with qualified content providers in the US, LATAM or any other part of the world.


Patent information : WO2016106410A1m and Multimedia Controller


Autogenerated HTML interfaces that uses all playlists and songs available to generate User Interfaces and HTML5 web pages.

Visually appealing user interfaces that list all the stations and manage playback for the UI

Video interface for Cable TV broadcasting that can be configured in SD/HD formats with reliable codecs for video and audio, or audio only. HTML5 interfaces drive the video output.

Billing, authentication, and integration with 3rd party billing systems is also available from our cloud instances.

Mobile App ofr IOS and Android, Music Streaming int eh palm of your hands anywhere, anytime! Bring your music experience and monetize it with our Music Streaming Platform.

Integration with 3rd party applications and use of our API For streaming and metadata

For Licensing, or Partnership Opportunities

SaaS, Platform as a Service, Virtual Machines

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