MobileCAD RF Simulation

Ray Tracing and RF Simulation Tool

MOBILECAD RF 01EGLA COMMUNICATIONS in collaboration sith S.O.L  Wireless LLC provides an integrated software solution for MobileCAD and a state of the art “RayTracing” software and technology. This software permits a whole city map to be loaded, antenna placement, coherence BW estimates, Co-Channel Interference, RMS-delay calculation, CIR and CFR models, and instantaneous RX power simulation. Our software can be licensed in a per cloud-instance or in its entirety with source code. The simulation software integrates with MobileCAD recreating an entire emulation environment. `The software simulation tools runs in a Windows environment and is fully customizable. MobileCAD is covered under US Patent: 7,231,330 and licensed by Mobility Workx, LLC.  RF Simulation is a key component for recreating “Drive Test” mobility scenarios and conditions.


MobileCAD 04

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