Intellectual Property Services

Auditing And Expert Witness Services

Our expertise in software and intellectual property brings value to you with our Intellectual Property Services .

Intellectual Property Areas

  • –  Assistance with Patent litigation: Invalidity Contentions, Claim Charts,  Infringement Contentions, and completing an “Expert Report”
  • –  Assistance with Inter-parties Review (IPR)
  • –  Assistance in trade secret cases and software-related litigation
  • –  Review software, log analysis, code reviews, hardware/software from networks to source code, hands-on dissection of code and hardware

Mobile And Wireless Expert Witness Background

Our consulting rates as expert witness in patent cases in wireless, mobile computing, smartphone technologies, and  media are based on our PhD-level of expertise with 12 issued patents, depositions, experience in court hearings and testimony. I have over 20+ years of experience in mobile, software, and have evaluated and written thousands of lines of code in the area of my expertise

Areas Of Expertise

  • ▣ Networks and Infrastructure
  • ▣ Wireless Emulation and Simulation
  • ▣ Mobile IP, PMIP, GTP and 4G/LTE Mobility Protocols
  • ▣ RF, Signaling, and Protocols
  • ▣ Local Area Networks
  • ▣ Mobile Applications and software methods
  • ▣ Media Streaming and MPEG/Cable TV systems
  • ▣ MPEG-2 and DVB Systems
  • ▣ HTML5 and widgets, JSON/XML REST API
  • ▣ CDN and Cloud-based Platforms
  • ▣ Software-defined Radios and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • ▣ Internet and broadband communication systems
  • ▣ Cloud Computing and Storage Platforms
  • ▣ Internet Of Things
  • ▣ Big Data Analysis
  • ▣ Network Function Virtualization
  • ▣ Bluetooth and WiFi Networks
  • ▣ Linux and Networking Expert / Routing / Firewalls / Fiber Optics
  • ▣ Engineer with expertise in Java, Python, PhP, C/C++
  • ▣ Drivers and memory optimization
  • ▣ Extensive PCAP log analysis
  • ▣ Debugging and electronics analysis
  • ▣ Expertise in renewable energy systems  (Solar, Wind)

For more details

Intellectual Property Services Represented Cases Involving

  • ▣ University of Florida Research Foundation
  • ▣ Motorola Mobility/Google
  • ▣ Virtela
  • ▣ T-Mobile USA, Deutsche Telekom, AG
  • ▣ Bank of America
  • ▣ Metro PCS, Tracfone, etc
  • ▣ Many other Tech Companies, Mobile Manufacturers, Banks, and High-tech Corporations.

and many others 

Intellectual Property Services

Strategic Thinking for Patents, Trade Secrets, Litigation

Our experts are ready to assist your most complex IP requirements.  From strategic thinking to incubation to litigation.

Other Services

Software Auditing

We can review all your code in C, C++, Python, Java, Javascript, PhP, Ruby, and many modern frameworks from Big Data, Data Mining to Web Services.

Cloud and Big Data

We are experts in Cloud, Big Data, and up-to-date technologies


We can review Oracle, MySQL, audit your cluster and provide PCI/HIPAA compliance advice.


Our team of engineers have been in Computing since the days of the PC revolution in the 80’s. We have seen it all evolve, which comes in hand for patent prior-art and validity.  Our expertise will be greatly valuable for your case.

Expert Witness Work

Our wide expertise on patents and Intellectual Property will assist you with all you patent infringement, trade secrets, copyright evaluations.

24/7 Support

We will work with your firm 24hr s day and 7 days a week, we get things done on-time.

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