Benefits for Broadcasting and Media Companies

Our platform enables Radio and TV broadcasters to sell their linear and VOD content directly to an MSOs, bypassing all current distribution channels and creating an a-la-carte alternative packages for Cable TV subscribers. At the same time, your content is offered with mobile and casting options as Chromecast® and Apple TV®.

In summary:

  • ♦   Tap into a market of millions of consumers worldwide on Cable TV systems
  • ♦   Tap into consumers with mobile, web and connected devices
  • ♦   Decrease costs for end-customers and increase revenues
  • ♦   Bundle content from our existing repertoire with yours, creating a better offering to consumers.
  • ♦    Provide additional features to your offering, music, videos, and casting.


Benefits for Cable Operators and Telcos

Cable operators in the US can partner with TV Everywhere ® services to enable one-time login authentication and show mobile content in their tablet or mobile applications.

MEDIAMPLIFY® and MEVIA  provides  a similar offering with a greater selection of services for operators.

The MEVIA App uses Encryption Media Extension services (EME) and also supports other Digital Rights Management (DRM) that facilitate the access to live and pre-recorded contents.   In the rest of the world, cable operators may partner with MEVIA to handle the delivery of TV and Music content to all their subscribers.  MEVIA sill protect all DRM content and facilitate viewership in any device.


Telco’s and Operators that are still in transition to digital can integrate MEVIA as a mobile “play” and bring all the content in cable plus all the additional content from our wide range of TV offerings.

Benefits for Universities and Training

Universities usually own a TV channel or series of TV channels and are offering e-Learning content to their students and communities. MEVIA and MEDIAMPLIFY are hence great tools to enhance e-Learning. MEDIAMPLIFY truly amplify your reach to all potential e-learners.

training elearning

Bing music, video, news, some sports, and choose what your students and faculty may have access to.  Universities and training academies may bundle content to their audiences with TV, Music, and other relevant content in addition to training and educational videos, as such these bundles can offer great avenues for revenues to Universities, Technical Institutes, and any other educational system.

Benefits for Small Businesses and Brands

Small businesses and brands can truly amplify their reach with consumers. Brand association is then done with MEVIA, MEVIA brings video, TV, music, and safety to consumers in small business.  MEVIA Amplify your reach with multiMEVIA experiences.


If you want CLOUD TO CABLE or MEVIA or both, Call us today!!!!

Gret opportunities for content owner and content providers with radio, TV, and music.