Video Platform: Cloud to Cable
Mediamplify Video Platform

Video Platform (Cloud to Cable) is available for licensing or partnership with content broadcasters, Youtube celebrities, and any new video/content venture. We offer full integration and have already completed integration with our own cloud enabling video/encoding streaming for SD/HD/4K, and 360TV feeds .  Our video platform connects your video streaming cloud with any cable operator in the world, as well as mobile, web, and casting devices like the Chromecast, Roku, or Apple TV.  Our mobile application, MEVIA provides an amazing user experience for end-users, MSOs, and your subscribers to they can choose and find the latest videos, access linear TV, and interact with your videos.

Broadcasters can upload their content in our cloud storage and playback or broadcast live content to mobile, web, chroemcasts, and Cable TV systems.

  • Enhanced Video Experience

    Our “Cloud to Cable” enables individualized broadcasting from the video platform to the Cable Operator (MSO) in SD/HD/4K or 360 TV

  • Increase Revenues

    Ad and subscription revenues by reaching out consumer in traditional set top boxes and Cable/Satellite systems

  • Increase Paid Subscribers

    Reach out to over 100M subscribers in Cable TV in the US and 1B all over the world.

Video Platform

An Over-the-Top and Cable TV compatible platform, a one stop show for video content providers, broadcasters, and TV channels. Enabling video distribution to all devices, mobile, web, and Cable TV.

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We are here to help, our goals is to provide our cloud to our customers from MSOs, Telcos, Service Providers, Music and TV content owners.  Our music distribution platform has been tested around the world.