MEVIA brings together video, music and safety all in one mobile experience.  MEVIA connects to the Cloud to Cable TV Platform and provides a rich multimedia experience designed for : Education and Learning, Corporate Branding and Image, Cable TV broadcasting, and more. Our patented technologies are unique having our target markets in Latin America and the United States.


MEVIA music brings over 1000+ music channels without commercials or with commercials with casting capability for Chromecast and AirPlay devices. The Music is available thru a rich menu experience for Android and iPhone. Ads can be programmed and injected, we also have a solution for buildings, corporations, and organizations with WiFi or their own Cable TV network. The same music can also be licensed to Cable TV in packages of 50, 100, 200, or more music channels in DVB format, this is all connected with our MEDIAMPLIFY Platform, bring effective  Cloud to Cable TV experience.


Mevia-11 Video

MEVIA video provides over 1000+ TV Channels, Movies, Educational Content, and more.  Ads can also be injected as part of this offering, additionally Custom TV network can be created and casted in buildings, boats, and any other organization. APIs are also available for Video Streaming and 3rd party apps thru our MEDIAMPLIFY Platform.




We are incorporating also for LATAM and US markets, the security function that enables sending emergency messages to a loved one. This functionality is very helpful for LATAM markets where robberies and theft of mobile devices is prevalent. Hence your multimedia experience will be covered by the safety feature.   Additionally, corporate customers of Music or Video will be able to enjoy of this particular functionality.


Mevia is a better offering over Spotify, Pandora, Hulu, and Netflix; assuming you can license their platforms, MEVIA is available for white labeling and licensing.

MEVIA Comparative Analysis

MEVIA Comparative Analysis


Cloud to Cable TV

Mevia also offers all MEDIAMPLIFY® legacy  capabilities including Cloud to Cable, delivering all the content available in Music/Video to any Cable Operator.





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