Mobile IPP LTE X2 Handover

MobileIPP An LTE X2 HANDOVER Protocol

Patent Licensing

4G/LTE handover are used daily. For patent licensing, please contact Mobility Workx, LLC.  We offer specifications, reference implementation, software consulting services, and implementation assistance as our service offering to you. EGLA COMMUNICATIONS has a license to the patent(s).



LTE Handover technology:

“MobileIPP enables 4G LTE Handover / Handoff”


LTE Infrastructure


MobileIPP is our patented technology that matches the main protocol in use by 4G LTE and depicted in the ETSI. MobileIPP  is a mobility protocol based on proxy messaging or using proxy entities to handle handover in the network, eNodeBs act on behalf of the mobile node sending UE Context information and communicating with Target eNodeBs to accelerate the creation of tunnels.

The proxy entities are required and are described as “ghost mobility” agents within MobileIPP but reside on an eNodeB. These agents send messages that trigger the creation of IP tunnels based on the location of the mobile terminal. This is how in 4G/LTE the MME uses the Tracking Area Identifiers (TAI) that will to select the proper s-GW to handover to. Once the selection has been concluded, the protocol permits the use of ghost agents to provide advertisement messages to the mobile nodes moving into a new cell, which are key features of LTE Handovers.

The MobileIPP protocol is agnostic of the Physical layer hence, you can use LTE, WiFi, or any other wireless physical layer technology.

In this diagram, the control and user plane stacks compose the UE (Unser Equipment) or the mobile phone or test device client. The ETSI Standards where the patent is helps is in the specifications ETSI/3GPP TS 23 401, 23 402 and 24.301, as well as ETSI 136.331, ETSI 129.275 and ETSI 136.300.

Major Features

  • Great technology to implement ETSI/3GPP TS 23 401, 23 402 and 24.301
  • Additionally ETSI 136 331, 136.30, and 129.275
  • Assisted mobility with location from GPS, WiFi triangulation, or Tracking Area Identifiers
  • LTE Handover
  • Mobile IP Support as well as Proxy Mobile IP

Major Benefits

  • Patented protection for your stack or mobility protocol implementation
  • WiFi/LTE/UMTS mobility
  • LTE Handover
  • Mobility with MME assistance
  • IP Tunnels are triggered with UE’s location


LTE Base Station



The US Patent 7,697,508 and 8,213,417 invented by Dr. Edwin Hernandez and Dr. Sumi Helal is licensed by major corporation sin the United States in non-exclusive basis. For details the patent is attached here: US7697508 and US8213417


We have a reference implementation of Proxy Mobile IP using Dynamics Mobile IP protocol and running on a MobileCAD emulation platform. The software can be licensed for an additional fee that can include consulting services and time.


Dr. Edwin A Hernandez –


Dr. Sumi Helal – University of Florida
Professor – IEEE Computer Editor in Chief

Licensing Options 

This includes access to our implementation software using dynamics Mobile IP.  For licensing inquires  please come to Mobility Workx, LLC

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