Music Platform: Cloud to Cable

Streaming audio and music for Cable TV systems

Streaming music services can be broadcasted to millions of Cable TV subscribers around the world. Music streaming is now available for your web and mobile device, but maybe not on Cable.  Our platform enables music content streaming services to connect with Cable TV subscribers and lower costs in mobile, web and chromecast distribution.

We offer full integration and maybe we have already completed integration with some cloud music providers.  Our music platform connects your music streaming cloud with any cable operator in the world.

With our music platform, music content owners or providers, or even radio stations can create their own “Music Streaming” service to mimic some of the leaders in the industry: Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music.

Our multimedia platform can be integrated with your own mobile and tablet application and we can serve you with bandwidth, back end, and APIs for your application or you can use any of our mobile applications available to be customizable.

You may also cast your music stations to Chromecast or Apple TVs, also ad injection is part of our offering which you can enable to monetize your musical content with ease.

Our cloud storage is secure and brings several types of DRM protection to meet all your application  needs.

Patent information : WO2016106410A1m and Multimedia Controller

Music Streaming to Cable TV

TV with remote Music Streaming services can over 10, 50, 100+ music or radio channels that come directly from your HTML5 web interface, directly to a Cable TV System.

A “MediaPlug” server appliance is provisioned with our cloud-based VM with our proprietary software, connecting to a streaming service. As an example we have created “Mediamplify Music” a Cable TV offering also available for Cable/Satellite systems.

Music for Cable TV is then as quickly as signing a partnership agreement with EGLA COMMUNICATIONS and creating a selection of stations for CABSAT. Licensing should be fast an easy to obtain directly from SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP and other providers.mediaplug_cablevision1

We will power your music streaming service and protect all your content with appropriate Digital Rights Management (DRM) as suggested by the industry using encrypted and authenticated secured lines to our cloud or yours directly.

  • Prepare for Video

    Our “Cloud to Cable” and the Mediamplify Platform will enable you to broadcast video in SD/HD/4K to any MSO in the world.

  • Increase Revenues

    Ad and subscription revenues by reaching out consumer in traditional set top boxes and Cable/Satellite systems

  • Increase Paid Subscribers

    Reach out to over 100M subscribers in Cable TV in the US and 1B all over the world.

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