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Our flagship product merges the worlds of cloud and cable TV with the MEVIA platform. Additionally, we are experts in intellectual property, innovation, and technology acceleration in the fields of media streaming, wireless communications, hardware design,  health technologies, and cloud computing.

EGLA CORP dba EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is a minority-owned  technology innovation company that also runs a technology incubator called “The EGLAVATOR.” EGLA and his inventors have several patents filed and granted in multiple sectors and provides assistance to several startups.


MEVIA is the patented platform that merges the worlds of Cloud and Cable TV. MEVIA brings together two usually divided worlds, OTT and Cable TV in a one unique distribution system designed for MVPDs.

This system enables music and TV, Music and Video distribution to all mobile devices, Smart TVs, and connected dongles like Chromecast or the Apple TV.

The prior technology was called “MEDIAMPLIFY platform” and was a key component during the acquisition of DMX by Stingray Digital for $16M in 2014 and has been gaining subscribers with other products.  For example, MEDIAMPLIFY MUSIC a Cable/Mobile music service  has been in operation in Central America and Brasil.  EGLA  has reached revenues in the magnitude of over  $1.5 M in last few years of operations, including expert witness services for patent and intellectual property cases.

Additionally, due to its unique expertise counts with a TV Studio, Research Labs, and a strong intellectual property consulting division that assist small to Fortune 500 enterprises with their intellectual property needs.

We are intellectual property experts with litigation experience in IPRs, PTAB, Federal Court, and licensing.

Our technology for media delivery is patented  and has been tested and developed from our offices in Boca Raton, FL.  Our products are Music and TV for Cable both as platform and content. Our content comes in a variety of formats, types, and is available in most of the markets.

We also produce content in our MEVIA Studios located at our incubator.

MEVIA Studios

EGLA is targeting US and LATAM markets with  a very special focus on US Hispanic markets.

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Our Team

Our team brings experience engineers and business developers from backgrounds as diverse as Motorola, Microsoft, Lexis Nexis, PACE, Nokia, and more.

Dr. Edwin Hernandez


Alcides Hernandez, PhD

Founder/LATAM Operations

Dr. Sumi Helal


Sinjin Lee

Business Developer & Startup Expert

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We are experts in streaming, the cloud, content, mobile, and cable TV systems.

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