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Mevia is transforming how you receive Media and interact with the world.

Mevia enables the streaming of high quality music content, unique video content, and access to safety all in one. Mevia is an à la carte content provider that brings the world of high quality content to your fingertips .


  • Mevia Audio

    Thousands of playlists from all popular genres are within your reach. The Mevia Music product enables music channels to be created from the largest libraries in the world.

    The Music Channels

    Offered are diverse and plentiful. There’s something for everybody! And now with our Mevia Music software it’s accessible no matter the occasion! Our music channels are streamed from our

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US Patent 7,231,330 

A wireless and RF emulator that is capable of recreating “Drive Test” environments. This IP facilitates the development and testing of mobile phones.  The ‘330 Ppatent enables phone and mobile application designers to recreate an RF and infrastructure conditions found in 3G/4G deployments .

US Patents 7,697,508 and 8,213,417

A wireless protocol that enables proxy mobility (as on LMA/MAG) assisted with location-based information (GPS) to trigger allocation of resources for handover or tunnels (GTP or PMIP) for data communication protocols.  This patent covers LTE and X2 Handovers and several mobility conditions found in the ETSI Specification for LTE.