HulaDrive Cloud Storage

HulaDrive Cloud Storage

HulaDrive_Sect1Stream all your media files to Mediamplify directly from our cloud storage platform. The HulaDrive provides an affordable and competitive cloud-based solution for Data backup, 3rd party application development, and secured-storage.

Local Storage Alternative:

Although convenient, it demands several other requirements that are hard to meet:

  • Tied to a Multimedia App – MEVIA
  • —High capital expenditure
  • —Internet bandwidth
  • —Needs professional cooling
  • —Management expertise
  • Not multimedia driven or distribution via Mediamplify.
  • —Lack of third party API

Cloud Storage WorkFlow

Our cloud storage integrates directly with our MEVIA APP, by simply loading your content into our storage system you can connect all those videos, music, and more to our app

Our Cloud Storage SolutionStoring big amounts of data in the cloud is required for our media content, the same infrastructure can be used to store any data.

Our data centers and architecture enables data to be:

  • PCI Complaint
  • HIPPA Complaint
  • Meets most of FedRAMP requirements but we are not yet certified.

Additionally, the Huladrive looks to be a cloud-based filesystem that provides:

  • Affordable costs
  • Mediamplify ready – Stream to any device by simply storing it in our cloud
  • Available everywhere
  • Scalable, increase service at any time.
  • Supports on-demand delivery for cable operators


HulaDrive Cloud Storage
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