• EGLA COMMUNICATIONS providing SKY Tunes with Mediamplify Platform

    June 3, 2013 eglacorp DMX2GO, News


    (Boca Raton, FL).  SKY BRASIL is supported by our Mediamplify Cloud Platform now and the launch of SKY TUNES a feature of their mobile application for the Brazilian market, with close to 1Million downloads on Android and many more on iPhone.  SKY Brasil can support scalable and reliable systems in the cloud with over 100+ music channels at 256Kbps with no commercials with music provided by DMX2GO.  We are happy to complete this launch and support our customers and partners in this effort.


  • DMX Media extends agreement with Multivision Bolivia

    January 10, 2013 eglacorp DMX2GO

    DMX Media extends agreement with Multivisión Bolivia

    The music development and distribution firm DMX Media has extendedits agreement with Multivisión Bolivia. Such extension will enable the firm to keep on offering the so-called Tiempo 50-music-channel portfolio in the MMDS operator’s digital platform.

    The channels DMX offers Multivisión include different genre content, such as traditional jazz, classical rock, Mexican regional music, new wave music and alternative urban music. Therefore, DMX strengthens its presence in the Andean region, “one of the most growing areas in Latin America “, according to what Alejandro Cacciola, General Manager of the firm, stated in a pres release.

    As a whole, DMX Media’s portfolio offers its subscribers 100 digital music channels. The firm has recently closed agreement with the Mexican Cablemás and Axtel and with Sky Brazil. Multivisión Bolivia operates in the capital city of La Paz, as well as in the cities of Cochabamba, Tarija and Santa Cruz. Kaon and Arion STBs are utilized for its digital service.

    Src: http://nextvlatam.com/dmx-media-extends-agreement-with-bolivia/?lang=en