• Minority Business Enterprise

    EGLA COMMUNICATIONS has been certified as a “Minority Business Enterprise” by the Southern Florida Minority Business Council. As part of these efforts, EGLA is now able to participate in many programs and be part of corporate/government diversity opportunities.

    Minority Certification Lowres

    EGLA’s high technology offering will come in hand to serve our country in several ways. As part of this process, EGLA is also a vendor for several organizations including “Broward College” and many others.

    EGLA is registered with SAM.gov, and many other online platforms for federal biddings.

    EGLA will provide expertise in the areas of:

    • Multimedia Streaming : TV/Music/Radio
    • Cloud-based Computing
    • Data center and hosting services for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Services
    • Fiber and internet communications
    • Software Engineering and consulting