Distribution Appliance for Cable TV, Mobile, and OTT

MEVIA is Cloud to Cable, a TV and Music distribution appliance for Cable TV, buildings, boats, and any distribution channel with a supporting mobile app for music, TV, and video. The Cloud to Cable TV Appliance is available in varios modes and our technology uses the power of the cloud to distribute securely and quickly your content across all platforms. Movies, Music, and TV are able to distribute content to Cable TV systems and any other platform. IOS, Android, Tablets and OTT distribution  are available within the same platform.

Users enjoy the benefits of the cloud and access to their content form any device and platform, additionally any subscription-based system and Multi-Video Programming Distribution (MVPD) or MSO/Headend in the world.

We successfully distributed DMX Media to 20M subscribers with our technology and we have improved our software with more support and software.

Mediaplug is the hardware appliance with networking and cloud-based technologies that bring content from the cloud to your distribution location. The mediaplug is a smart appliance with fault-tolerant features and smarts to include ads, videos, and distribute your content reliably and securely.

We offer appliances with music channels, videos, and TV channels in SD/HD or 4K TV. The audio is fully customizable and our AI creates playlists in all tastes and generes.

The cable TV appliance connects directly to the cable headend. We are compatible with different multiplexing technologies and brands.

Quick and easy distribution of you music, TV, and video content to any cable operator, building, and more. Our application bring OTT and mobile/web distribution all in one platform.