Our Cloud to Cable Patent and Technology

Cloud to Cable Patent and Technology

EGLA owns the patent for Cloud to Cable and all software and technologies that are related to music broadcasting for MVPD or MSOs, also known as “Cable TV Headends.”

In the past, a very initial version of Cloud to Cable TV was the platform for DMX Media and their digital music distribution efforts to over 20 Million subscribers in Latin America and the US.

Stingray acquired DMX Music in 2015 but not our technology. As expected, Stingray kept their own music delivery system, which is accused of infringing right by Music Choice (Case 2:16-cv-586-JRG-RSP).

Our “CLOUD to CABLE TV“platform enables delivery of linear music channels to Cable TV subscribers in a more clever, fault-tolerant, and efficient way than these patents disputed here.    Source: http://edwinhernandez.com/2016/08/01/platform-nternet-tv-music/

Advantages over all other systems

There is no dependency into any Set Top Box or DOCSIS 2.0, DOCSIS 3.0, or other MPEG frames or dependencies in changes to STB. All the systems, are fault-tolerant and enable great reliability and remote management system for all distribution devices. Uses standard DSL/Cable Modem technologies with the system to deliver 50, 100, 200 music channels, and 10-20 HD/SD/4K TV Channels.  Many more advantages that are benefit DRM security, provisioning, and tracking for media playback.


The Patent for “Cloud to Cable TV”

Our technology is superior to all the patented technologies out there, because it  brings  cloud -based systems and generated images for music and TV channels in a different way which uses HTML5 and modern Javas ecripting systems. Converting HTML to Cable TV format is easier, efficient, and does not require any external hardware.

All User Interfaces (UI) are created using standard HTML% and deliver do the STB and Mobile devices in one stop shop.   The Cloud to Cable TV system provides:

  • ♦  A system to convert HTML5/Javaseript to Video, MPEG-4 or MPEG2Video, or H.265
  • ♦  A fault-tolerant system for MVPD and MSO’s – Cable TV Systems
  • ♦  Streaming for M3U8, HTTP Streaming, and compatible with other technologies
  • ♦  Virtualized TV in a box system with Cloud
  • ♦  Provisioning mechanism and Cloud-based platform
  • ♦  Methods for reliability delivering content to mobile, web, cable TV in one platform

The device is called MediaPlug and also contains other Management APIs, as well as a good implementation tested with:Cisco

  • ♦  Cisco
  • ♦  Ericsson
  • ♦  Huawei
  • ♦  and Many other multi-plexers


Patent Description available online.