Cloud Computing Expert Witness

Inventor, Expert Witness, Technology Professional, Entrepreneur

EGLA offers its services as a consultant and expert witness for in the areas of royalty computation, technology licensing, patents, innovation and strategic decisions.

We also have experience in code reviews & audits, forensics, cyber security, and other technological strategic decision needs for startups, ventures, and intellectual property matters. My CV is attached for your scrutiny. I have testified at trial and deposed multiple times.

EGLA can provide my expert witness services to assist you in matters that include:

  • →Inter Parties Reviews and Patent Trial Appeals Board (PTAB and IPR Expert Witness)
  • →Patent and Technical Expert Witness
  • →Code Reviewer and Analysis for infringement, claim charts, and evidence gathering & review of discovery information,
  • →Damages Expert Witness experience
  • →Preliminary Infringement Analysis
  • →Experience in the E.D. of Texas, Northern District of California, Colorado, Florida, Delaware, and many others

Cloud Computing Expert Witness

As cloud computing expert witness, I have worked with the cloud and distributed computing since my days at the “High-Performance and Computing Lab” at the University of Florida. Back in 1998-1999, I worked with Myrinet, VIA, and other HPC Clusters, in one of the largest HPC labs in the United States with funding from NSA, US Navy, NSF, and others.

As an ISP owner from 1996 to 2009, I worked hosting servers, virtual private servers, bare metal, and other technologies with web services, databases, and other networking technologies.

I continued my work as in 2009-2010, the cloud became the main concept, I began working with virtualization, and my expertise as a Virtual Machine engineer became quite useful understanding Docker, Kubernetes, VMWare, XenServer, and other Hypervisors.

Recently received two patents for, Cloud to Cable, those are 10,123,074 and 10,524,025 that cover cloud and edge computing concepts.

Expert Witness Cases & Intellectual Property Consulting

Expert Witness Cases with Jury Trial

  • →Talent Mobile Development, Inc vs Headios Group, Inc – Trademark Infringement in Federal Court in Santa Ana, CA – Advised counsel in winning verdict for my client (700k)

Expert Witness Cases – Ongoing or Settled (Patents, Trademarks, and IPRs)

  • University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. et. al. vs. Motorola Mobility LLC.Filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida – Case settled 
  • →Virtela Technology Services vs. Andrew Funk, File in the US District Court of Denver, Colorado, Representing Andrew Funk – Case Settled 
  • →Del Castillo vs. Bank of America– Representing Bank of America – Case settled.
  • Seven Networks vs.Google-   Representing Seven Networks 
  • Blue Radios vs. Kopin – Representing Blue Radios – Colorado 
  • Mobility Workx vs. T-Mobile– E.D. Texas, Case Settled
  • Mobility Workx vs. Verizon Wireless, Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas (Advisor to Dr. Suku – Technical Expert)
  • Mobile Manufacturer vs. Carrier, Eastern District of Texas, Representing Mobile Manufacturer (Confidential) 
  • Talent Mobile Development vs. Headios Group (California Federal Court, Trademark/Mobile Software)  – Jury trial testimonial with 700k award to my client. 
  • Key West Golf Club vs. Cable Provider – Preliminary study – Key West, FL
  • Express Mobile vs. DreamHost, LLCExpert Witness – US District Court of Delaware.
  • →Stone vs AT&T, Velocity – Expert Witness – Representing AT&T and Velocity – US District of San Diego 
  • Express Mobile vs Magento, BigCommerce, others – Representing Express Mobile, US E.D District of Texas. 
  • →Workspot vs. Citrix– Expert Witness IPR2019-01002- – Representing CITRIX  – PTAB 
  • →DISH Network LLC vs Multimedia Content Management LLC– IPR2019-01014 and IPR2019-01015, Representing Multimedia Content Management
  • →Advising – Pre-trial / 4 Confidential Defendants/Plaintiffs 

Damages Expert Witness

  • Mobility Workx vs. Verizon Wireless, Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas
Law Firms & Small to Large Corporations

Software Audits and Code Reviews – Forensics & Cybersecurity

  • →Auditing the “Honduran Property Institute Technology Platform” that was transferred from the World Bank to the Honduran Government.
  • →Auditing Honduras Elections Nov 2017 – Report and findings.

Selected IPR Declarations and Reports

A sample declaration filed in IPR2019-01014, not instituted for our client, MULTEMEDIA CONTENT MANAGEMENT, LLC 

Selected Expert Reports

In a TCPA case against Vehicle Agency and AT&T, and in the notice of “Filing of Expert Report and Identification of Key Portions Answering the Court’s Questions by Vehicle Agency, LLC” for a TCPA Case.

Many reports were nominated “HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL” and are not available to the public.     

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