EGLA Communications To Launch the “HulaDrive” Cloud on



EGLA Communications To Launch the “HulaDrive” Cloud on


HulaDrive is your affordable cloud storage solution



Boca Raton, FL, December 2, 2012


EGLA Communications announces the launch of “HulaDrive”, its new cloud storage platform. The product enters the market place with all the features you’d expect of a great cloud storage application at nearly half the cost of competitors. HulaDrive recently launched on last Friday beginning November 30th. Funding perks start at $20 per year for 20 GB of cloud storage.


Dr. Edwin Hernandez, EGLA Communications’ Chief Architect, comments, “We’re offering Indiegogo supporters the chance to contribute towards the development of our highly competitive product. They will be able to experience the HulaDrive live online before they buy. Contributors will be pleasantly surprised to find the HulaDrive is affordable, reliable, easy, and secure. We used open source software to develop the HulaDrive so we can pass the savings on to our customers.”


HulaDrive will sync with user’s desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. It will also sync with users’ Facebook pages, provide automatic file backups, and offer unlimited file sharing. EGLA Communications also plans to offer an option for private labeling to small businesses and universities.


South-Florida based EGLA Communications has formed alliances with universities and private organizations across Florida to attract talented engineers and be part of the HulaDrive team. Software developers will also have their own community on the HulaDrive to write code and share apps.



HulaDrive Technical Features:


  • The cloud supports third party application development with an open source SDK
  • Applies open source software to reduce costs and create savings which are passed on to customers

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