CLOUD TO CABLE – A Net-Neutrality Solution

    CLOUD TO CABLE : A Net-Neutrality Solution for Music and Video Services

    Net-Neutrality is being promoted by COMCAST, AT&T, Verizon, and many other ISPs.

    “We fully support reversal of Title II classification, a 1930s statute that is outdated and harms consumers by creating a cloud over broadband investment decisions and innovation,” Roberts wrote today – CEO of COMCAST  “a fresh constructive dialogue,” but he did not say exactly how net neutrality should be enforced.

    What many streaming services are afraid of is  throttling, blocking of IP addresses, metering of traffic  usage (which is already being done), among many other changes.

    According to them, this will hinder the delivery of Over-the-Top (OTT) services, either music, TV, or video in the ways they have been done today. As of now, Net-Neutrality permits subscribers to connect to web streaming services like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, and even COMCAST competitors as SLING.  As such, Cable TV systems are becoming “dumb” pipes that mostly deliver internet services over the Cable TV system.

    The majority of the bandwidth in the coaxial cable or fiber is being allocated for TV services, VOD, HD services, and music for Cable TV.  Our “CLOUD to CABLE” enables accessing that bandwidth directly by connecting your web streaming services to the Cable TV system, with minor or no changes. CLOUD to CABLE TV uses an innovative approach that converts without any major engineering effort, an HTML site of any version, Javascript, jQuery, Node JS, or any other web standard to generate the content to be broadcasted to the user and be able to interact with it, or view the same content in your mobile device.


    Currently, CLOUD to CABLE is in use to deliver “Music for Cable” or Music for Cable TV to any cable operator in any format that is use, and has been tested with Cisco, Ericsson, and many other head ends. The CLOUD to CABLE TV leverages our proprietary software and technology used in multiple cable operators around the world.

    CLOUD TO CABLE is also very reliable and you can customize it as you wish.






    MUSIC FOR CABLE from Edwin Hernandez on Vimeo.

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