• Second Patent Allowed for Cloud to Cable TV Portfolio

    Second Patent – Allowed for Cloud to Cable 

    A 2nd set of patents were allowed on September 3rd, 2019 and that means that several claims that cover MPEG and HTTP Live Streaming broadcasting.

    The following summary of inventions and claims for the following inventions:

    • MPEG Broadcasting – DVB
    • MPEG 2-way broadcasting
    • HTTP Live Streaming
    • Fault-Tolerance and broadcasting

    The  claims allowed are essential for modern broadcasting systems for video, music, and web-pages

    The Cloud to Cable TV patents are a bridge between cloud systems and TV & Audio broadcasting platforms where the convergence of HTML and Virtualization make possible, what is called today Edge Computing.  

    In 4G & 5G systems, Edge Computing is classified as:

    Edge computing provides compute and storage resources with adequate connectivity (networking) close to the devices generating traffic. The benefit is the ability to provide new services with high requirements on e.g. latency or on local break-out possibilities to save bandwidth in the network – data should not have to travel far in the network to reach the server. Regulatory compliance and network scalability are also important edge computing drivers. Source (Ericsson

    In a way, Cloud to Cable brings compute and storage resources for TV broadcasting systems, either DVB, Content Delivery Networks, or other similar systems. 

    You can review a summary of what’s been published by the USPTO. 

  • Cloud to Cable TV – Innovations

    Cloud to Cable Patents
    Intellectual Property Available for Licensing

    Cloud to Cable TV Innovations are always Great News !! Not even a month ago, the US Patent 10,123,074 was issued covering many elements used in “Cloud to Cable TV.”   Our  Cloud to Cable platform makes it really easy to broadcast music channels, video channels, video on demand (VOD), and any other multimedia streaming format to millions of subscribers in IPTV, Cable TV, and Satellite providers.  Cloud to Cable enables an efficient distribution system for any media owner by taking heir content to service providers and then to millions of subscribers in modern IPTV, Cable TV, Over the Top (OTT0, or even satellite operators.

    We have developed a technology that greatly simplifies multimedia delivery for music & TV content. This simplification facilitates selling and monetizing music & tv media stream or channels  to cable operators with support fo mobile devices and connected smart TVs, all in one-stop shop, with EGLA.  Content owners may upload their catalogs to our online drive or cloud storage, and get ready for distribution and monetization.

    Our intellectual property portfolio includes the following assets:

    • US patents
    • European patents
    • Software and trade secrets

    Our patented innovative technology is called:    CLOUD to CABLE

    In essence, Cloud to Cable brings value to consumers, content owners, and the overall ecosystem by bringing to end consumer, an easy way to:

    • Monetize Music broadcasting to Operators, mobile, IPTV, cable TV, or even satellite,Use a
    • Utilize Modern virtualization and cloud technologies integrated into our software,
    • Broadcast with fault-tolerance with high-reliability, and great quality of service.
    • Take advantage of parallel transcoding meaning you can deliver 5, 10, 50, even 100 music or TV channels depending on the hardware chosen, number of instances, and bandwidth purchased from us,
    • Use a web-based approach, yes all is web-based, no funky DIGICIPHER II, MPEG TS, or any of that, all if works on the web, works with Cable TV, Satellite, all and all.
    • Become interactive and VOD integration
    • And, Integrate TV & Music all in one Platform

    This PDF file contains  our presentation slide deck:

    Cloud to Cable PDF

    PDF File

  • Cloud to Cable TV Patent Issued under US Pat 10,123,074

    Patent Issued for One of Our Media Streaming Technologies

    EGLA commercializes Cloud-to-Cable platform and technology that merges the worlds of cloud and Cable TV.  Our founder filed for a patent in the US and Europe for the methods and system called: “Method, system, and apparatus for multimedia content delivery to cable tv and satellite operators ” now protected under US Patent 10,123,074 that will be published and formally issued on November 6th, 2018.  This patent protection gives us the exclusive rights in the US, and we are applying to Europe and other countries, for our method and system to broadcast TV and Music stations on Cable TV, OTT, IPTV, and other MVPD systems. The technology in place is in use by our Music for Cable product and is now branded under MEVIA : Cloud to Cable. The patents are owned by our founder EDWIN HERNANDEZ and are available for licensing, including all specifications, and software to create our broadcasting network appliance (MEVIA Network Appliance)


    A patent continuation was filed last October with new claims to cover other aspects of the invention, as shown in the picture the patent generates video with an MPEG Transport Stream that is compatible with a Cable TV system.

    The main aspects and novelty of the invention include but are not limited to the following items:

    • Fault-Tolerance and Cable Operator Quality

      Fault-tolerance and high-reliability is presented in the disclosure.

    • OTT & IPTV

      Over-the-Top, IPTV systems, or Cable TV operators can now integrate novel ReactJS, Javascript, and all advanced mechanisms for designing user interfaces into their video feeds.

    • Music & Cable TV Broradcasting

      Essentially, the patent covers Music and TV distribution to cable operators and systems for broadcasting

    • Virtualization

      Virtualization and use of containers in the distribution of music and TV content to cable operators, by provision at virtual machine or docker container with the web page plus content for rendering purposes

    • HTML5 and Cable TV

      Integration of web-elements, web pages, or HTML5-related content with rendering of this content on OTT, IPTV, and most importantly, Cable TV systems.

    In many ways, the invention covers a device, system, and methods to accomplish media distribution with ease, reducing costs, and implementing a novel mechanism that replaces satellite delivery, hardware encoders, and many other devices,

    For licensing information please reach us at sales@eglacorp.com 

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  • Cloud to Cable TV – Soon to be Granted

    Cloud to Cable TV Patent – soon to be Granted

    A :”Notice of Allowance” was posted at the USPTO PAIR System indicating us that the patent will be issued soon. We are glad of this news and we will soon proceed to submit additional continuations and follow up with the European Patent Office on protections for Europe.

    The patent claims overs some important aspects of the invention and other claims will be submitted for consideration, as well as new patent applications that have not yet been out of our R&D environment.

    For a Whitepaper covering “CLOUD TO CABLE” What is Cloud to Cable TV – JUL 2018\

    Clout to Cable TV enables quick and easy distribution of media streams, or the creation of those that are ready to be broadcasted into Cable and Satellite systems as well as on the Web/Mobile and Smart TVs.

    have received a

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