Second Patent Allowed for Cloud to Cable TV Portfolio

Second Patent – Allowed for Cloud to Cable 

A 2nd set of patents were allowed on September 3rd, 2019 and that means that several claims that cover MPEG and HTTP Live Streaming broadcasting.

The following summary of inventions and claims for the following inventions:

  • MPEG Broadcasting – DVB
  • MPEG 2-way broadcasting
  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • Fault-Tolerance and broadcasting

The  claims allowed are essential for modern broadcasting systems for video, music, and web-pages

The Cloud to Cable TV patents are a bridge between cloud systems and TV & Audio broadcasting platforms where the convergence of HTML and Virtualization make possible, what is called today Edge Computing.  

In 4G & 5G systems, Edge Computing is classified as:

Edge computing provides compute and storage resources with adequate connectivity (networking) close to the devices generating traffic. The benefit is the ability to provide new services with high requirements on e.g. latency or on local break-out possibilities to save bandwidth in the network – data should not have to travel far in the network to reach the server. Regulatory compliance and network scalability are also important edge computing drivers. Source (Ericsson

In a way, Cloud to Cable brings compute and storage resources for TV broadcasting systems, either DVB, Content Delivery Networks, or other similar systems. 

You can review a summary of what’s been published by the USPTO.